What data is available besides fees?

FeeChecker includes a description of the benchmark group from which the data was pulled, fee percentiles in bps/dollars and services offered within a market segment. In addition, for investments you can view asset allocations, active/passive utilization, total expense ratio and fee offsets by asset category.

Which fees can I check?

FeeChecker will enable you to check fees for whichever roles you provide in the industry plus investment fees. For example, if you are an advisor you will be able to check advisor fees as well as investment fees.

Where does the data in FeeChecker come from?

FDI does not use Form 5500 or survey data. All data is obtained directly from the “source” – the Recordkeepers, TPAs and Advisor/Consultants who are engaged with the plan and can provide their fees and services with complete accuracy.

What is FeeChecker?

FeeChecker empowers decision makers at Service Providers with access to plan fee and service information in support of product development, pricing analysis and client/prospect specific business planning.