Can I customize the FeeBuilder report?

The FeeBuilder report itself cannot be customized. However, there is an optional Quality and Value page that presents before the report which is highly customizable.

What are the important points to cover on FeeBuilder?

The “big idea” when delivering FeeBuilder is to drive your message of fee reasonableness. This can be done by emphasizing the components of your custom Quality and Value page or highlighting the “Extra Credit” you are bringing via FEEPOINT® which is FDI’s proprietary estimate of the value of extra fiduciary status, work and meetings.

What is FeeBuilder?

FeeBuilder is an on-demand benchmarking of your own fees and service that can be used with both prospects and clients. It allows you to run “scenarios” on different proposals for prospects and different fiduciary statuses and/or service models for clients.

What type of data does Fiduciary Decisions use?

FDI does not use Form 5500 or survey data. All data is obtained directly from the “source” – the Recordkeepers, TPAs and Advisor/Consultants who are engaged with the plan and can provide their fees and services with complete accuracy.