Let’s Search

FDI’s 5500 Search will enable you to fill your sales funnel with suspects that match your target market giving you your best chance to add clients. You can search for a specific plan or by a series of criteria including geography, plan assets or participant count, service provider, investment types and more.

Identifying the Best Prospects

How do you sift through a large list to find your best prospects for a sale? You need to look at the details and see who you know and how you can help. FDI’s 5500 Search provides a LinkedIn connection for the admin and sponsor contacts so you can quickly and easily see if there is a referral opportunity. You can also view high level plan data as well as view FDI’s benchmark group data for plans of a similar size to determine that your service offering and compensation proposal might look like.

Efficient and Effective

Once you’ve identified a list of prospects, the question is what’s next? FDI’s Business Management Dashboard allows you to quickly download your suspects to a CSV or EXCEL file for easy addition to your sales funnel.

And there is so much more! Schedule a demo to see how the 5500 Search feature FDI’s client portal can change your business now.