Data Matters

Data Matters

All data is current, accurate and consistent with 408(b) disclosures because it comes directly from the people who know the plan best – its Service Providers.

Patented Method

FDI patent #123456 covers a 5 step process that is fair, repeatable and an important part of a Fiduciary’s obligation to follow a prudent process for determining fee reasonableness.

Customize Benchmark
Framework to Consider Quality
Assess Scope of Services
Examine Value Delivered
Allow for Extra Credit
1: Custom Benchmark Groups by Service Provider

Groups are built so that:

  • Factors that drive service provider cost are considered
  • They are statistically meaningful with outliers removed
  • Diversification by service provider, business model and market segment representation are achieved
2: Framework to Consider Quality
  • Characteristics of the Service Provider
  • Services/Processes that make protect and make a plan successful
  • People/Technology/Resources that support the plan
3: Assess Scope of Services
  • Identify core services being provided to the plan
  • Analyze services that drive plan costs based on volume and degree of difficulty
4: Examine Value Delivered
  • To Plan Sponsors:
    • Service quality, plan design assistance and utilizing best practices
  • To Participants:
    • Retirement Outcomes
5: Allow for Extra Credit
  • Start with a base Service Provider fee for a standard level of service
  • Adjust for incremental fiduciary status and/or extra work/meetings

Report Formats

Choose a report format that will work best for you and your plan sponsors.

Report format
Full Value and Fee Benchmark with FEEPOINT® calculation Report

5 pages per service provider covering Custom Benchmark Group, Quality, Service, Value and Fees with extra credit (FEEPOINT®).

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Presentation Style Value and Fee Benchmark with FEEPOINT® calculation Report

2 pages per service provider – what you get and what you pay covering a summary of the 5 components of benchmarking. The details and calculations are delivered in a separate PDF.

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