Fee Reasonableness Summarized

FeeBuilder follows FDI’s patented method for reporting fee reasonableness but does so in a two page, on-demand benchmarking of YOUR fees and value that you be used with both prospects and clients.

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One Report, Multiple Uses

FeeBuilder is a multi-purpose fee reasonableness solution. Want to help a prospect better understand the value in your proposal – use FeeBuilder. Want to update a client on your reasonableness between benchmarking reports – use FeeBuilder. Want to show a client how your fees and services would change under different scenarios – use FeeBuilder.


Creating a FeeBuilder report for either a client or prospect can be done in minutes. The first step would be to establish your service templates so that they can be reused for all of your benchmark reports. Once you have established templates it is as simple as selecting them from a drop down, entering your fee and within seconds you will have a report.

Custom Quality – Service – Value – Extra Credit

The FeeBuilder report details your existing or proposed Services, Extra Credit and Fees. In addition, you can add one page of custom content which highlights your Quality and Value proposition. It can address items such as experience, results and value provide to Plan Sponsors.

Get Credit For Your Extra Credit

FeeBuilder includes FDI’s proprietary estimate of the value of your extra meetings, work and fiduciary status – FEEPOINT®

Extra Credit calculated by:

  • Starting with a base Service Provider fee for a standard level of service
  • Adjusting for incremental fiduciary status and/or extra work/meetings

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