Win – Win – Win

FDI’s solution suite helps TPAs manage their book of business for the good of all parties. Use on-demand analytics and unlimited benchmark reports to create Win-Win-Win scenarios for your plan sponsor clients, their participants, and for you as their TPA. Deepen relationships with other strategic partners, reduce pressure on fees and drive mutual success.

Protect Current Revenue

Follow FDI’s proprietary Analyze-Adjust-Act workflow to make sure your TPA services are paid a reasonable fee, as required by the law, in the context of the Quality, Service, Value and Extra Credit items you provide to your clients.


Use FDI's Value and Fee Matrix to determine how your offering compares to the marketplace.


Determine a path forward for your plans that may need service or fee adjustments using FDI's FeeBuilder.

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Deploy FDI services directly to clients and prospects to implement your right-sized service and fee offering.

Better Data = Actionable Intelligence

Maximize your management reporting and book-of-business analytics. Save time by easily adding and editing your plan data in one place. Reduce your Relationship Manager efforts. See all your plans in one place and how they compare to the marketplace. Identify client risks and opportunities to increase fees. All details are available to download into Excel.

Value & Fee Matrix

See all of your plans in a quadrant chart that highlights the reasonableness of each plan based on the relationship between their services and fees.

Validate your fees and services with FeeBuilder. Present FDI’s one-page client summary to demonstrate that your pricing is reasonable. Or, use the report to prove that based on your Quality, Service and Value there is a need for price alignment.


Validate your services and fees with FeeBuilder. Present FDI's two-page summary to a client to demonstrate that your pricing is reasonable. Or use the report to negotiate a price alignment based on your Quality, Service, Value and Extra Credit. FeeBuilder is also perfect for validating your pricing for proposals.

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Value and Fee Benchmarking

FDI’s industry leading benchmarking is included and unlimited within the TPA Solution Suite. The enhanced user interface allows you to quickly benchmark your book of business, schedule reports and manage against best practices.

Grow New Revenue

Use FDI’s proprietary Identify-Engage-Close-Secure workflow to move suspects to prospects to clients. See your aggregate sales opportunity in the Prospect List. Add to your pipeline using FDI’s 5500 search. Have consultative initial meetings using Plan Profile and close new business with FeeBuilder.

5500 Search

Use FDI's proprietary Identify - Engage - Close - Secure workflow to move suspects to prospects to clients. See your aggregate sales opportunity in your Prospect List. Add to your pipeline using FDI's 5500 Search. Have consultative initial meetings using our Plan Profile report and close new business with FeeBuilder.

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Industry Insights

Access FDI’s independent and actionable thought leadership. Engage your clients and prospects with plain-English white papers on popular industry (mis)conceptions.


Fiduciary Decisions’ ERISA MythBusters is a series of mini white papers developed in partnership with Faegre Drinker to debunk popular misconceptions about the duties of retirement plan fiduciaries. Written in plain English, combining FDI’s industry thought leadership with Faegre Drinker’s legal framework, the MythBusters are ready for plan-sponsor use.

You Choose When and Where

FDI's platform offers on-demand tools and services so your team always has access to real-time data and they can also proactively provide clients and prospects with reports quickly and easily.

In addition, your team can learn about FDI services in whatever manner works best for them - reading or watching tutorials. If they have additional questions and want to interact with the FDI Client Success Team they can do so by phone, email, chat or submitting a service ticket.

TPA Services

 Book-of-Business ManagementProtect Plan SponsorsImprove Participant OutcomesResearch and Analytics

TPA Dashboard

Your single point of entry to access all of the tools below and more.

Plan List

A single screen where you can see all of your clients and prospects in one place and you can easily navigate to order any FDI report.


View all of your plans in a quadrant chart that enables you to see service and fee reasonableness. Identity and download plans for further action.


Two page on-demand benchmarking of YOUR services and fees including a custom quality page and FEEPOINT®

Value and Fee Benchmarking

The industry's gold standard for value and fee reasonableness comes in several different report formats and all include FEEPOINT®.


Real-time access to FDI's benchmark group data for the purposes of proposal preparation, pricing strategy and more.

5500 Search

Easily access and download up-to-date 5500 data. Quick Excel downloads available for monthly refreshed 5500 data and FDI pricing data for similar plans.


Holistic and consultative report using FDI data about similar plans for initial meeting with a prospective Plan Sponsor.

And there is so much more! Schedule a demo to see how the FDI TPA Solutions can change your business now.