Regulations Driving Change

The Fiduciary Rule and Reg BI are requiring advisors to follow a best interest standard of care. FINRA 13-45 outlined the advisory firm’s responsibilities when recommending a rollover into a qualified plan or transfer of assets from an IRA to a qualified plan. Also, they provide guidance on how IRAs are marketed.

More importantly, doing the right thing is now table stakes and clearly a best practice.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Every client is different and your rollover process should adjust to fit their needs while maintaining the required compliance structure. FDI’s Best Interest Determination solution addresses the four types of rollovers:

  1. Recommendation
  2. Education
  3. Hire me
  4. Unsolicited

Isn’t it time you felt confident that your IRA business complies with the Fiduciary Rule and Reg BI?

Data + Process + Technology = Results

Gather data from your client or use FDI’s plan benchmarking data. Follow a process that is compliant and proven. Leverage templates and workflows for efficiency. Achieve results at the Point of Sale. FDI’s solution will mitigate your risk, protect your clients and improve your bottom line.