Data for Decision Making

FeeChecker is a tool that provides real-time access to FDI’s industry standard benchmark group data to empower your decision making. It can be used to quickly evaluate services and pricing for clients or prospects, research a new pricing model or check the competitiveness of your service offering.

Data Matters

All of the data used in the FeeChecker benchmark groups are sourced from the generation of FDI’s Value and Fee Benchmarking with FEEPOINT® reports. So, the fees and services are gathered directly from the Service Providers charging the fees and providing the services.

Internal Data, External Benefits


FeeChecker can be used by your team to research benchmark group data in preparation for client and prospect needs or for internal pricing/service offering analysis. Your team will have availability to peer into data not only for the role that you serve in the industry but also for investment option data. The availability of this data will empower you to make better decisions.

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