You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

The Business Management Dashboard empowers practice leaders with more data to make better decisions.

Data Aggregation

It all starts with the data aggregation from Recordkeepers. This is the periodic and automated upload of data from your Service Providers to FDI to ensure that you always have the latest and best data to make decisions with.


Once the data comes in from Recordkeepers it populates Snapshot which provides Advisors and home offices with updates on the scale and growth of their business.

To-Do Panel

Drive efficiencies by looking at your work being performed via To-Do’s and Workflow by client, team member or category of work.

Outcomes Impact

View your participant success measures by plan, recordkeeper or industry and include your value in RFP responses. Let prospective Plan Sponsors know about your successes or work with partners to improve metrics.

Sales Funnel

Gain unparalleled visibility into your sales efforts, determine what is working and improve results.

Efficiency and Scalability

It is now commonplace to be asked to do more with the same or even fewer resources. The question is how you accomplish this without burning out your most valuable assets – your team members. FDI’s Business Management Dashboard will arm you with two tools that will make your team more efficient and automated -To-Do’s and Workflow.

To-Do's Panel

To-Do’s are ad-hoc tasks that can be created on the desktop or on any mobile device. To-Do’s can be assigned to yourself, others or by the home office. Report on your tasks so your clients understand your teams’ value or for management reporting.

To-Do's Mobile

Working on the road is now the standard. Create, assign and update To-Do's on any Apple or Android device using the FDI app.

Workflows are groups of pre-set tasks that can be utilized across both client and prospect plans. Assign to one or many plans and set a cadence that indicates that the next To-Do should be set forward “x” amount of time after completion of the prior task.

Prospect Workflow Panel

Thinking about ramping up your sales efforts? There is no better way than to have an automated process facilitating your sales best practices. Never miss a touchpoint again with FDI's Prospect Workflows.

Add Workflow

Establish a new sequence of To-Do's and save them as a workflow or draw from your library of saved workflows. Use a workflow with a single plan or assign to many. Build once and re-use many times is the path to improved efficiency and scalability.

Identify – Engage – Close

The Business Management Dashboard arms your sales people with a seamless process and tools to improve their ability to close business more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Sales Funnel And Pipeline

The Sales Funnel is where you manage the details of your sales efforts - add plans, establish workflows and progress plans towards the close. The Pipeline is where you can see the aggregate results of your efforts - available opportunity, closed business and more.

5500 Search

The process starts with FDI's 5500 Search where you can IDENTIFY a plan or plans that meet your target market by geography, plan size and much more. In addition, you can quickly see if you are connected on LinkedIn with the plan administrator and/or sponsor.

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Plan Profile

After you have filled your pipeline using the 5500 Search, ENGAGE your prospective plan sponsors with FDI's Plan Profile report. This report will enable you to have a holistic and consultative initial meeting with Plan Sponsors using FDI's industry-best data. Have consultative initial meetings using our Plan Profile report.

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Your prospective Plan Sponsor is now interested in your services as you have demonstrated that you have data, knowledge and expertise. CLOSE their business using FeeBuilder to demonstrate that your proposed services and fees are reasonable.

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And there is so much more! Schedule a demo to see how the Business Management Dashboard can change your practice now.