Data: How and When You Need It

The Business Management Dashboard includes data aggregation from Recordkeepers. This data populates Snapshot which provides the home office with updates on the scale and growth of individual advisors, groups as well as the overall business. The details are available to download to Excel via the Analytics panels.

Efficiency and Scalability

To-Do’s are ad-hoc tasks that can be created on the desktop or on any mobile device. To-Do’s can be assigned by the home office to individual advisors, groups or all advisors. Report on To-Do’s for compliance oversight and management reporting.

To-Do's Panel

This is the starting point for your advisors' new found efficiency. See To-Do counts on a weekly basis, add details to To-Do's or expand to see your full list and sort and filter to get your desired view.

Add To-Do's

This is where your advisors can add task details that drive efficiency and value for future reporting. Add a priority, delivery date, assign it to someone, make notes and much more...

To-Do's Mobile

We believe your advisors should be able to work wherever they are. So, To-Do's are mobile enabled. They can update statuses, change due dates, make notes, change assignments and more all from their Apple or Android phone or tablet.

Workflows are groups of pre-set To-Do’s that can be utilized across both client and prospect plans. Assign to one or many plans and set a cadence that indicates that the next To-Do should be set forward “x” amount of time after completion of the prior To-Do.

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Prospect Workflow Panel

If something is working why not repeat it? This is the purpose of our Workflow Panel. It allows your advisors to build a sequence of To-Do's, save them as a template and re-use them across many plans. This efficiency driving feature will allow your advisors to interact with more prospects making them more scalable as well as increasing their effectiveness.

Add Workflow

Your advisors can simply add a workflow by defining their sections, adding groups of To-Do's, clicking the save as a workflow button and then naming the workflow. The workflow is then available to add to other plans via the apply workflow template button.

Simplified Sales Management

See your advisors aggregate sales opportunity in the sales funnel. Build To-Do’s and workflows to move suspects to prospects to clients more effectively. Monitor and report on your aggregate sales opportunity. Sell more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

5500 Search

Looking to help your advisors to add more prospects to their pipeline? They can use FDI's 5500 Search to find targeted plans by plan size, geography, service provider, investment structure and more...

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Sales Funnel and Pipeline

The Sales Funnel is where your advisors can manage the details of their sales efforts. Set plans as suspects or prospects, see the median compensation for plans of similar size based on FDI's data or set a custom fee and click to see the details for any plan. The Pipeline is where they can see their aggregate compensation opportunity and closed business. The Home Office view allows you to see aggregate or filtered datasets.

Technology Working Together

FDI's Business Management Dashboard is an open architecture solution which means that almost any tool/service can be integrated.** The possibilities are endless. Want to share data with your CRM - integrate it. Want to quickly see and or access your Investment Analytics without an additional login - integrate it. Want to quickly learn the status of your RFPs - integrate it.

Integration is defined as single sign-on access to a third party tool/service as well as the potential for real-time data exchange.

**FDI will integrate with third party service providers using FDI's APIs where applicable and reasonable.

Broker Dealer Services

 Practice ManagementProtect Plan SponsorsImprove Participant Outcomes

Business Management Dashboard

Next level practice management for advisors and home offices.

Data Aggregation

Periodic and automated upload of data from your Recordkeeper partners to FDI.


Efficiency and scalability driving task management and workflow processes to propel your business.

Value and Fee Benchmarking

The industry's gold standard for value and fee reasonableness comes in several different report formats and all include FEEPOINT®.


Real-time access to FDI's benchmark group data for the purposes of proposal preparation, pricing strategy and more.


Two page on-demand benchmarking of YOUR services and fees including a custom quality page and FEEPOINT®.

Sales Funnel/Pipeline/5500 Search

Search FDI's 5500 data using multiple criteria to fill your pipeline and track the results in your sales funnel.

408(b)(2) Compliance

Simple and efficient disclosure generation that can also facilitate benchmarking.

Document Vault

Easy to use and customizable document vault to securely hold plan documentation.

Open Architecture Integrations

FDI will integrate with third party service providers using FDI's APIs where applicable and reasonable for the purposes of single sign-on and real-time data exchange.

Retirement Outcomes Evaluator

Dynamic Plan Design analysis service that can help drive better outcomes.

IRA Services

An evolving offering directed at the individual retirement space.

IRA Rollover - Best Interest Determination

Tools and services directed at helping clients comply with FINRA 13-45, Reg BI and the DOL's Fiduciary PTE.

And there is so much more! Schedule a demo to see how the Business Management Dashboard can change your practice now.