Your Business is Changing. So Are We.

"Innovation happens when you combine expertise, creativity and a desire to make things better," Tom Kmak, CEO explains why "Benchmarks" became "Decisions".

Our Rebrand Story

Watch The Road from "Benchmarks" to "Decisions"

Different Name, Same Mission.

Fiduciary Decisions is here to provide the data, tools and insights that will improve your business and deliver better results for your Participants and Investors. Read, CEO Tom Kmak’s blog to learn more.

Who We Are

Our goal is simple: to build decision support systems that help Service Providers and their clients make informed decisions that drive better results for them, their Plan Sponsors and their Participants.

Who We Are
  • Data: the industry’s most comprehensive and trusted data source to power your decision making.
  • Tools: user friendly interfaces that drive method and process whose end product is easy to deliver client reporting.
  • Insights: the intersection of data and tools where informed decisions are made that benefit your business and your clients.

Interested in Improving Your Business?

Interested in Improving Your Business?

FDI can help you and your clients with our benchmarking, practice management, compliance, plan design and research.

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