The Best Data

You can confidently tell prospective Plan Sponsors that you have partnered with FDI, an independent third party and the industry leader for Defined Contribution plan data. You can also assure them that all of FDI’s data is current, accurate and consistent with 408(b) disclosures because it comes directly from the people who know the plan best – the plan’s Service Providers as part of plan benchmarking exercises.

Apples to Apples

FDI’s Plan Profile report is a plan universe report. This means that there is no data specific to your prospective Plan Sponsor in the report but rather volumes of data about similar plans. So, Service Provider data is pulled based on the factors that drive their costs – assets, participant count and average account balance. Investment line-up data is pulled based on assets. Plan design and participant success measure data is pulled based on assets and industry.

Service Providers

For each of a plan's Service Providers see the typical services provided, the middle 50% of fees in both dollars and basis points, how the fees are being paid and who is paying them.

Plan Design and Participant Success

Share with a prospective Plan Sponsor actionable data on plan design for their industry as well as the participant success measures that these plans are achieving.

Holistic Discussions

Often you will not know a Plan Sponsor’s hot buttons when walking into that first meeting. So, why not cover all the bases to ensure you catch their attention and demonstrate the breadth of your knowledge. FDI’s Plan Profile report will allow you to discuss Service Providers services and fees, investment line-up construction, plan design and participant success measures.

And there is so much more! Schedule a demo to see how FDI’s Identify, Engage and Close sales lifecycle Plan Profile component of the Business Management Dashboard can change your practice.