Will FDI’s solution integrate with our internal systems?

The FDI Best Interest platform is designed to become part of your existing business processes. Examples of available systems integrations include: account opening, risk tolerance, investment analytics, third party investment management and books and records systems.

What types of Rollover does FDI’s solution support?

FDI’s solution will support the following types of rollovers: recommendation, education, hire me and unsolicited. Each of these types is supported by workflow and output that supports proper decision making and documentation.

What does FDI’s Best Interest Solution do?

FDI’s Best Interest Solution for IRA rollovers helps you comply with the requirements of FINRA 13-45, Regulation Best Interest and DOL’s Prohibited Fiduciary Advice Exemption to ensure a participant’s best interests are considered when evaluating a rollover from a plan to IRA.

What other tools integrate with the Business Management Dashboard?

FDI has left openings within the Dashboard for integrations with a number of tools including CRMs, investment analytics and more. FDI will integrate with client’s service providers using FDI’s APIs, where applicable and where reasonable.

Is the Business Management Dashboard a CRM?

The Business Management Dashboard offers many of the features of a typical CRM but is not technically a CRM. It was however designed specifically for retirement plan advisors and we feel that we targeted many of the features most important to our clients. In addition, some features that your typical CRM would require a programmer or consultant to set-up like workflows are easy to configure yourself in the Dashboard.

How does my data get into the Business Management Dashboard?

FDI’s goal is to load all your data using data aggregation. Data aggregation is essentially a direct connection with your recordkeepers which is the easiest and most accurate way to get data. In the event that we are unable to obtain data aggregation from your recordkeeper, we will obtain data via periodic benchmarking requests. Data aggregation control, processes and protocols for your data is all located on the Data Status screen within the dashboard.

What does the Business Management Dashboard do?

FDI’s Business Management Dashboard brings all your DC plan data into one place and wraps it in efficiency driving workflows. In addition, it includes FDI’s industry leading benchmarking as well as other tools like To-Do’s, a sales funnel, watchlist tracking and more… Essentially, it will make you more efficient, repeatable and scalable which should translate to increased profitability!

Can I customize the FeeBuilder report?

The FeeBuilder report itself cannot be customized. However, there is an optional Quality and Value page that presents before the report which is highly customizable.

What are the important points to cover on FeeBuilder?

The “big idea” when delivering FeeBuilder is to drive your message of fee reasonableness. This can be done by emphasizing the components of your custom Quality and Value page or highlighting the “Extra Credit” you are bringing via FEEPOINT® which is FDI’s proprietary estimate of the value of extra fiduciary status, work and meetings.